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OpenVMS VMS731_LAN-V0300 Alpha V7.3-1 LAN ECO Summary
TITLE: OpenVMS VMS731_LAN-V0300 Alpha V7.3-1 LAN ECO Summary
NOTE:  An OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file is stored
       on the Internet in a self-expanding compressed file.
       For OpenVMS savesets, the name of the compressed saveset
       file will be kit_name.a-dcx_vaxexe for OpenVMS VAX or
       kit_name.a-dcx_axpexe for OpenVMS Alpha. Once the OpenVMS
       saveset is copied to your system, expand the compressed
       saveset by typing RUN kitname.dcx_vaxexe or kitname.dcx_alpexe.
       For PCSI files, once the PCSI file is copied to your system,
       rename the PCSI file to kitname.pcsi-dcx_axpexe or
       kitname.pcsi-dcx_vaxexe, then it can be expanded by typing
       RUN kitname.pcsi-dcx_axpexe or kitname.pcsi-dcx_vaxexe.  The
       resultant file will be the PCSI installation file which can be
       used to install the ECO.

New Kit Date:       03-APR-2003
Modification Date:  Not Applicable
Modification Type:  NEW KIT

Copyright (c) Compaq Computer Corporation 2001,2002,2003.  All rights reserved.

OP/SYS:     OpenVMS Alpha


SOURCE:     Compaq Computer Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  VMS731_LAN-V0300
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  VMS731_LAN-V0200
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  4992 Blocks
     Kit Applies To: OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1
     System/Cluster Reboot Necessary:  Yes
     Rolling Re-boot Supported:  Yes
     Installation Rating:  INSTALL_2
                            2 : To  be  installed  by   all  customers  using  the  following

             			DEGXA PCI Gigabit Ethernet and Broadcom 5703 LOM

     Kit Dependencies:

       The following remedial kit(s) must be installed BEFORE
       installation of this kit:


       In order to receive all the corrections listed in this
       kit, the following remedial kits should also be installed:



An ECO kit exists for LAN components on OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1.  
This kit addresses the following problems:


     o  Previous VMS731 LAN patch kits placed SYS$CONFIG.DAT in the
        SYS$COMMON:[SYS$LDR] directory.  This is incorrect.  The image
        should be placed in the SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE] directory.

          Images Affected:[SYSEXE]SYS$CONFIG.DAT


     o  Increase the time allowed for fiber auto-negotiation from 200
        milliseconds to 5 seconds to give the link partner sufficient
        time to notice the link state change and participate in the
        auto-negotiation process.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW5700.EXE

     o  When doing fiber auto-negotiation, do not call ew$check_link
        to check the link state since the link state is determined in
        the auto-negotiation, and ew$check_link resets the auto-
        negotiation context.  What was happening was that during
        transmit processing, the check link routine was called to see
        if the link was now up (when the link was down).  The transmit
        request was processed in the middle of the auto-negotiation
        sequence which then restarted the sequence.  This made it
        difficult to complete auto-negotiation because it was getting
        restarted in the middle.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW5700.EXE

     o  When shutting down (crash or normal shutdown), after reset,
        wait 750 milliseconds to give enough time for the firmware to
        set up the PCI subsystem ID registers, so the boot driver
        properly identifies the type of device.  The firmware
        initially fills in the registers with bogus values and then
        fills them in correctly, so if the boot driver looks at them
        too soon, it may think the device is a fiber rather than
        copper or vice versa.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW5700.EXE

     o  Add a memory barrier between looking at the status block and
        the transmit ring context entry, to cure a problem where the
        driver can miss an updated ring entry and think there are one
        fewer entries in the ring.  This can result in a bugcheck when
        the transmit entry expect and actual are compared.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW5700.EXE

     o  EIDRIVER did not consistently report a link down condition.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EIDRIVER.EXE

     o  Random corruption on transmits with DEFPAs.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$FWDRIVER.EXE

     o  When the cable is disconnected, the DEGXA (Tigon 3 Gigabit
        Ethernet device) driver completes transmit requests with error
        status as expected.  However, it may complete the requests
        very slowly, one per second.  If an application does not limit
        the number of outstanding transmits it issues, the transmit
        queue in the driver may accumulate large numbers of transmit
        requests, eventually exhausting all of pool.  One such
        application is DECnet-Plus.  Pool is not actually lost, it
        just gets consumed by outstanding transmit requests.  

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW5700.EXE


     o  OpenVMS V7.3-1 supported only the Broadcom 5703 LOM (LAN on
        motherboard) chip on the AlphaServer DS25, and that only in
        1000 mbit full-duplex mode.  This update adds full support for
        10 and 1000 mbit and half-duplex mode for the Broadcom 5703
        LOM as well as full support for the DEGXA-SA (fiber 5703 NIC)
        and DEGXA-TA (UTP 5703 NIC).

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW5700.EXE

     o  This kit provides boot support over the Broadcom 5703 LOM and
        the DEGXA NICs.  Note that a console firmware update may be
        needed as well.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EGBTDRIVER.EXE


     o  The following two EIDRIVER runtime driver changes have been

           o  If large numbers of TCP/IP telnet sessions are active,
              EIDRIVER may crash if the number of transmit segments for
              a transmit request reaches the limit and the last segment
              crosses a page boundary.  This fix corrects an off-by-one
              check in the driver.

           o  Transmit or receive requests issued through the QIO
              interface which specify 64-bit buffers are returned with
              error status.  This fix sets a flag in the driver function
              table that that says 64-bit addresses are supported.

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EIDRIVER.EXE

     o  The following two EW1000A runtime driver changes have been

           o  Transmit or receive requests, issued through the QIO
              interface which specify 64-bit buffers, are returned with
              error status.  This fix sets a flag in the driver function
              table that that says 64-bit addresses are supported.

           o  On rare occasions, the DEGPA firmware fails to write the
              proper data into a receive return entry.  The DEGPA driver
              verifies that the return entry contains the expected data
              and if it does not match what is expected, the driver
              crashes the system with a NETDLLERR bug check.  A driver
              change is now implemented to detect this exact condition
              and reset and restart the DEGPA rather than crash the
              system.  The driver will still crash the system if the
              return entry data does not match and it does not detect
              the condition where the DEGPA has failed to update the
              return entry.  So we avoid crashing in the benign error

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW1000A.EXE

     o  The following EW5700A runtime driver change has been made:

           o  OpenVMS V7.3-1 only supported the Broadcom 5703 LOM (LAN
              on motherboard) chip on the AlphaServer DS25, and that,
              only in 1000 mbit full-duplex mode.  This update adds full
              support for 10 and 1000 mbit and half-duplex mode for the
              Broadcom 5703 LOM as well as full support for the DEGXA-SA
              (fiber 5703 NIC) and DEGXA-TA (UTP 5703 NIC).

          Images Affected:[SYS$LDR]SYS$EW1000A.EXE


This kit requires a system reboot.  Compaq strongly recommends that
a  reboot  is performed immediately after kit installation to avoid
system instability

If you have other nodes in your OpenVMS cluster, they must also  be
rebooted  in  order  to make use of the new image(s).  If it is not
possible or convenient to reboot the entire cluster at this time, a
rolling re-boot may be performed.


Install this kit with the {Installation Utility} utility by logging
into the SYSTEM account, and typing the following at the DCL


The kit location may be a tape drive, CD, or a disk directory that
contains the kit.

Additional help on installing PCSI kits can be found by typing
HELP PRODUCT INSTALL at the system prompt

Special Installation Instructions:

     o  Scripting of Answers to Installation Questions

        During installation, this kit will ask and require user
        response to several questions.  If you wish to automate the
        installation of this kit and avoid having to provide responses
        to these questions, you must create a DCL command procedure
        that includes the following definitions and commands:



           -  Add the following qualifiers to the PRODUCT INSTALL
              command and add that command to the DCL procedure.


           -  De-assign the logicals assigned

        For example, a sample command file to install the
        VMS731_LAN-V0300 kit would be:

          $ exit

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