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OpenVMS VMS73_MOUNT96-V0100 Alpha V7.3 MOUNT96 ECO Summary
TITLE: OpenVMS VMS73_MOUNT96-V0100 Alpha V7.3 MOUNT96 ECO Summary

New Kit Date:       15-NOV-2001
Modification Date:  27-NOV-2001
NOTE:  An OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file is stored
       on the Internet in a self-expanding compressed file.
       For OpenVMS savesets, the name of the compressed saveset
       file will be kit_name.a-dcx_vaxexe for OpenVMS VAX or
       kit_name.a-dcx_axpexe for OpenVMS Alpha. Once the OpenVMS
       saveset is copied to your system, expand the compressed
       saveset by typing RUN kitname.dcx_vaxexe or kitname.dcx_alpexe.
       For PCSI files, once the PCSI file is copied to your system,
       rename the PCSI file to kitname.pcsi-dcx_axpexe, then it can
       be expanded by typing RUN kitname.pcsi-dcx_axpexe.  The resultant
       file will be the PCSI installation file which can be used to install
       the ECO.


Copyright (c) Compaq Computer Corporation 2001.  All rights reserved.

OP/SYS:     OpenVMs Alpha


SOURCE:     Compaq Computer Corporation


     ECO Kit Name:  VMS73_MOUNT96-V0100
     ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit:  None
     ECO Kit Approximate Size:  736 Blocks
     Kit Applies To:  OpenVMS Alpha V7.3
     System/Cluster Reboot Necessary:  No
     Rolling Re-boot Supported:  Information not available
     Installation Rating:  INSTALL_3
                            3 - To be installed on all systems running
                                the listed versions of OpenVMS which
                                are experiencing the problems described.

     Kit Dependencies:

       The following remedial kit(s), or later, must be installed BEFORE
       installation of this kit:


       In order to receive all the corrections listed in this
       kit, the following remedial kits, or later, should also be installed:



An ECO kit exists for MOUNT on OpenVMS Alpha V7.3.
This kit addresses the following problems:


  o  Roxio CD Creator V5.0 for PCs  creates  a  disk  that  is  not
     compliant  to  the  ISO  standard.   Attempting to mount these
     disks on an OpenVMS system  will  crash  the  system  with  an
     SSRVEXCEPT, Unexpected system service exception bugcheck.

     Crash Dump Summary
     Bugcheck Type:     SSRVEXCEPT,
                        Unexpected system service exception
     Current Process:   DKA400CACP
     Current Image:     $82$DKA0:[SYS0.SYSCOMMON.]
     Failing PC:        FFFFFFFF.800ACD10    EXE$QIO_C+00170
     Failing PS:        30000000.00000001
     Module:            IO_ROUTINES    (Link Date/Time:
                                        29-MAR-2000 00:52:23.33)
     Offset:            0001AD10

          Images Affected:  [SYSLIB]MOUNTSHR.EXE

  o  When adding a shadow set member with  /POLICY=MINICOPY  fails,
     the error message output is:

       -SYSTEM-F-INCSHAMEM, incompatible shadow set member
     This error message has been changed to  the  more  descriptive

       -MOUNT-F-REQ_WBM_FAIL, unable to add member using minicopy

          Images Affected:  [SYSLIB]MOUNTSHR.EXE

  o  A SET VOLUME/REBUILD command on a volume set may not reset the
     volume  write  count  to  the correct number of writers in the
     cluster.  This can occur when a node that had the  volume  set
     mounted  did  not update the volume write count on dismount or
     on a crash.  A SHOW DEVICE/REBUILD command always  shows  this
     volume  as needing a rebuild.  Even a SET VOLUME/REBUILD=FORCE
     command will not clear this rebuild status.

     Note: To receive this complete change you must also install
           the VMS73_CLIUTL-V0100 ECO kit.

          Images Affected: [SYSLIB]MOUNTSHR.EXE

  o  The following problems are corrected:

      -  A MOUNT/NOWRITE command on a disk on one cluster will  now
         work  correctly, even if the disk is mounted with a /WRITE
         qualifier on another cluster  in  the  SAN  (Storage  Area
         Network).  Previously, depending on the order in which the
         mount commands were executed, the mount  would  fail  with
         the error message:

         DIFVOLMNT - different volume already mounted on this
      -  If a disk is  mounted  with  a  /WRITE  qualifier  on  one
         cluster and a /NOWRITE qualifier on another cluster in the
         SAN, mount  verification  will  fail  with  a  WrongVolume
         status  error  on  the  system  which had the disk mounted
         /NOWRITE.   This  change  allows  mount  verification   to
         complete successfully in this configuration.

     Note: To receive this complete correction you must also install
           the VMS73_SYS-V0200 and VMS73_FIBRE_SCSI-V0200 ECO

          Images Affected:  [SYSLIB]MOUNTSHR.EXE

  o  Read failures  during  a  disk  mount  that  were  due  to  an
     inability to read the home block and failures that were due to
     transient errors, such as from  a  path  switch  or  SCSI  bus
     reset, were following the same failure path.  That is, reading
     the alternate home block and if successful, mounting the  disk
     as  read  only.   However,  failures  due  to transient errors
     should not read the alternate home block and should mount  the
     disk as READ/WRITE.

     For transient error failures, this change will now  cause  the
     READ  to  be  re-tried  for 30 seconds (30 re-tries at one per
     second).  If the READ succeeds, the disk will  be  mounted  as

          Images Affected:  [SYSEXE]VMOUNT.EXE


No reboot is necessary after successful installation of the kit.

Install this kit with the POLYCENTER Software installation  utility
by logging into the SYSTEM account, and typing the following at the
DCL prompt:

     PRODUCT INSTALL VMS73_MOUNT96 /SOURCE=[location of Kit]

The kit location may be a tape drive, CD, or a disk directory that
contains the kit.

Additional help on installing PCSI kits can be found by typing
HELP PRODUCT INSTALL at the system prompt


  o  Image Installation

     If you have other nodes in your VMScluster, an INSTALL/REPLACE
     command  will  need to be issued on each node in order to make
     use of the images in this kit.  The commands needed are:



  o  Scripting of Answers to Installation Questions

     During installation,  this  kit  will  ask  and  require  user
     response  to  several  questions.  If you wish to automate the
     installation of this kit and avoid having to provide responses
     to  these  questions,  you must create a DCL command procedure
     that includes the following definitions and commands:

       1.  Define logical NO_ASK$BACKUP as TRUE

       2.  Define logical NO_ASK$REBOOT as TRUE

       3.  Add  the  following  qualifiers  to  the  PRODUCT  INSTALL
           command and add that command to the DCL procedure.


       4.  De-assign the logicals assigned

     For  example,  a  sample   command   file   to   install   the
     VMS73_MOUNT96-V0100 kit would be:

          $ exit

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