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OpenVMS VMS73_XFC-V0100 Alpha V7.3 XFC ECO Summary_ON HOLD

TITLE: OpenVMS VMS73_XFC-V0100 Alpha V7.3 XFC ECO Summary_ON HOLD NOTE: An OpenVMS saveset or PCSI installation file is stored on the Internet in a self-expanding compressed file. For OpenVMS savesets, the name of the compressed saveset file will be kit_name.a-dcx_vaxexe for OpenVMS VAX or kit_name.a-dcx_axpexe for OpenVMS Alpha. Once the OpenVMS saveset is copied to your system, expand the compressed saveset by typing RUN kitname.dcx_vaxexe or kitname.dcx_alpexe. For PCSI files, once the PCSI file is copied to your system, rename the PCSI file to kitname.pcsi-dcx_axpexe, then it can be expanded by typing RUN kitname.pcsi-dcx_axpexe. The resultant file will be the PCSI installation file which can be used to install the ECO. Copyright (c) Compaq Computer Corporation 2001. All rights reserved. New Kit Date : 20-AUG-2001 Modification Date: 04-SEP-2001 Modification Type: Kit placed on Engineering Hold. This kit has been placed on hold by OpenVMS Engineering. Problem Statement: Several customer sites have reported problems with the use of XFC. Although it is not yet clear that these problems are due to installation of the VMS73_XFC-V0100 kit, it is being put on hold as a precautionary measure. Problem Symptom: The primary visible symptom is that a file appears to have different data when viewed from different nodes in a cluster. There are also reports that updates to files (specifically changes to the license database) do not seem to remain after a reboot. Workaround: Users should disable XFC whether they have installed the VMS73_XFC-V0100 kit or not. XFC is disabled by setting the SYSGEN parameter VCC_FLAGS to 1 (this enables the older cluster cache, VIOC) and rebooting. To disable XFC perform the following commands: $MCR SYSGEN SYSGEN> USE CURRENT SYSGEN> SET VCC_FLAGS 1 SYSGEN> WRITE CURRENT SYSGEN> EXIT After the above commands are entered,enter the following command to reboot the system: @sys$system:shutdown Alternative Kit: There is no alternative kit at this time. A new XFC kit that solves this problem will be issued at a later time. OP/SYS: OpenVMS Alpha COMPONENT: XFC SOURCE: Compaq Computer Corporation ECO INFORMATION: ECO Kit Name: VMS73_XFC-V0100 DEC-AXPVMS-VMS73_XFC-V0100--4.PCSI ECO Kits Superseded by This ECO Kit: None ECO Kit Approximate Size: 1968 Blocks Kit Applies To: OpenVMS Alpha V7.3 System/Cluster Reboot Necessary: Yes Rolling Re-boot Supported: Yes Installation Rating: INSTALL_1 1 - To be installed on all systems running the listed version(s) of OpenVMS. Kit Dependencies: The following remedial kit(s) must be installed BEFORE installation of this kit: None In order to receive all the corrections listed in this kit, the following remedial kits should also be installed: None ECO KIT SUMMARY: An ECO kit exists for XFC components on OpenVMS Alpha V7.3. This kit addresses the following problems: PROBLEMS ADDRESSED IN VMS73_XFC-V0100 KIT: o Within a cluster, processes may seem to hang in an RWAST state, as seen by the SHOW SYSTEM command. Using SDA, and the SHOW PROC/LOCK command, the process will be seen to own a F11B$xxx type resource - or be waiting for one. On the XFC node that has the originating problem, repeated use of the command: SDA> XFC SHOW CONTEXT/BRIEF will display a Close File CTX that never disappears: Extract from Sample SDA Output: OpenVMS (TM) Alpha Operating System, Version V7.3 -- System Dump Analysis --- Address I/O Type I/O Stall reason FFFFFFFF858AA310 eiotFALUpConversio ... estrLockUpConvRequ FFFFFFFF84F45F50 eiotFALUpConversio ... estrLockUpConvRequ FFFFFFFF86C269D0 eiotFALUpConversio ... estrLockUpConvRequ FFFFFFF8595CA50 eiotFALUpConversio ... estrLockUpConvRequ . . . . Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o Incorrect readahead operations can cause data corruption on bound volume sets. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o An incorrectly selected UCB on segmented reads and writes can cause data corruption on bound volumes. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o During a cluster transition, an INVEXCEPTION crash at SYS$XFCACHE + 8240 can occur. Crashdump Summary Information: ------------------------------ Crash Time: 2-MAY-2001 04:02:30.51 Bugcheck Type: INVPTEFMT, Invalid page table entry format Node: RM763B (Cluster) CPU Type: AlphaServer 4100 5/600 8MB VMS Version: V7.3 Current Process: NULL Current Image: Failing PC: FFFFFFFF.800CD6DC IOC_STD$PTETOPFN_C+0008C Failing PS: 28000000.00000804 Module: IO_ROUTINES (Link Date/Time: 17-MAR-2001 03:30:01.24) Offset: 000056DC Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o The system may hang or experience an INCONSTATE crash due to memory leaks. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYSLIB]XFC$SDA.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o When modifying the SYSGEN parameter VCC_MAX_CACHE, writing ACTIVE and issuing the SET CACHE/RESET command, XFC would not quickly react to a reduction in size. Even though all of memory is in use and processes are pagefaulting, the size of the XFC does not shrink dynamically as documented. This causes a lot of processes to hang in RWMPB due to the inability to allocate out to their WSEXTENT. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYSLIB]XFC$SDA.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o An RESEXH bugcheck occurs with repeated use of FASTIO. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.SDA [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.SDA o When using XFC on a system using Software RAID to bind mounted Shadowsets, the RAID$SERVER process can hang in a MUTEX wait state. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o When XFC is called back to release memory, it can eventually get locked up in a recursive call to itself trying to release memory it doesn't have. This would usually lead to a system wide hang, but could possibly lead to CPUSPINWAITs also. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB o The dynamic growth of XFC could not be set to larger than 50% of physical memory. Images Affected: [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.EXE [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE.STB [SYS$LDR]SYS$XFCACHE_MON.STB INSTALLATION NOTES: This kit requires a system reboot. Compaq strongly recommends that a reboot is performed immediately after kit installation to avoid system instability If you have other nodes in your OpenVMS cluster, they must also be rebooted in order to make use of the new image(s). If it is not possible or convenient to reboot the entire cluster at this time, a rolling re-boot may be performed. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Install this kit with the POLYCENTER Software installation utility by logging into the SYSTEM account, and typing the following at the DCL prompt: PRODUCT INSTALL VMS73_XFC /SOURCE=[location of Kit] The kit location may be a tape drive, CD, or a disk directory that contains the kit. Additional help on installing PCSI kits can be found by typing HELP PRODUCT INSTALL at the system prompt All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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